The problem

Until now, you have had 2 choices when considering digital projects: off the shelf platforms or bespoke web development

Off the shelf platforms can offer rich functionality. But by definition, they are not made specifically for you. They require you to change your processes to match theirs. They limit your ability to innovate, and it's impossible to find a solution that meets all of your needs. You end up implementing frustrating workarounds or commissioning expensive customisation.

Traditional bespoke development doesn't have these issues. You can build exactly what you want. But at a price. Usually a large price. Traditional web development projects are notorious for being slow, expensive and unreliable. Budgets and timelines almost always overun, and often projects fail completely.

Fortunately, you now have a third choice....

Low-code tools have changed the game. You can now build advanced custom solutions at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional web development. And you only pay once and use forever with no recurring licence fees.

Our approach

Integrated design and development

Low-code tools combine user experience design and coding together in an accessible visual development environment. Designers, developers, clients and stakeholders can collaborate and iterate faster than ever before.

The result is higher quality and more consistent design and dramatically improved development productivity. And more reliable functionality that meets user's needs more accurately.

Don't continually reinvent the wheel

Modular blocks add another layer of time and cost savings. They're reusable chunks of software logic that map common user flows. They enable digital products to be quickly assembled rather than built from scratch.

You can take advantage of our huge library of modules that provide a modern and intuitive experience for users. They accelerate your build by allowing you to focus on your innovations and unique needs, and not reinvent the wheel for common features.

A process that pinpoints the things that matter

Modern web technologies are one part of the success formula. The other is a rigorous process. A proven methodology that defines needs accurately and manages delivery expertly.

We invest a lot in product definition. Our framework models your application in a way that aligns with how your users actually think. It results in solutions that are more intuitive, scalable and innovative. It gives everyone on the team a clear understanding of the whole system, how all the parts relate, and how it might grow. At the end of the definition phase, you will have a detailed blueprint of your product and its scope.

2 - 4 weeks
Product Manager, Client Director
Product blueprint

We work in weekly sprints to deliver the features specified in the definition phase. Your design and development team crafts the user interface, flows and behaviour to your precise requirements. Milestones are agreed in advance for you to review progress and provide feedback. Before deployment, your application is fully tested and quality assured.

2 - 8 weeks
PM, Designer, Developer, QA specialist
Fully functioning application

The deployment phase is your chance to fully test your application and flag any issues for resolution before launch. We set up the hosting infrastructure, provide any necessary training and undertake all handover activities. When you're ready, we release it to the world.

30 days
PM, Developer
Live app on your domain

We know that your success is our success. We're here as your long term partner to help with maintenance tasks and to evolve your product over time. We structure bespoke support agreements that give you flexibility on how your use our resources and how you choose to develop your web application.

PM, Designer, Developer
Evolving product releases

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