We are Verse. We design and build ground-breaking digital communities. Custom crafted, modern and elegant. It's a fresh and distinctive approach to community engagement.

A suite of cutting-edge web components, infrastructure and services. Discover a better way to build your online community.

Exactly what you need, and nothing you don't

Every client implementation is custom designed down to the last pixel. You get precisely the features you need in an elegant optimised interface. What you don't get are complex screens and workflows that you'll never use. They just make the learning curve harder, and force you into workarounds you don't want to make.

An opportunity to differentiate your brand

We are most suited to organizations that want to create a truly differentiated online presence. Our exceptional creative design team will craft a unique user experience for your community. One that stands out in stark contrast to the catalogue of recycled 'white-label' or template based sites.

Community web apps, not websites

State-of-the-art web components are used to create a true web app experience across all screen sizes and devices. Leave behind slow page refreshes. Instantaneous navigation, real time interface updates, and animated transitions are all built in. But unlike most web apps, there's no compromise on web standards or search engine optimization.

Fast implementation, lower costs

Think of our solution as a set of versatile community building blocks. It combines the flexibility of bespoke software with the productivity of packaged software. Advanced features rapidly assembled to precise specifications. You gain a custom designed community platform, delivered on time and on budget.

A modern and scalable web architecture

Many community platforms suffer from outdated server side architectures. Our infrastructure is different. It has a modern decoupled architecture. A rich front-end interface powered by a highly modular and secure content management platform. Deployed on a global CDN. It delivers an instant upgrade in performance, scalability and resilience.

Community expertise, on tap

We'll guide you through the end-to-end process of building your community. From planning to growing, measuring and managing. You choose the level of support you need. Experienced community managers can simply access ad hoc advice when needed. If you want more hands-on help, we're here to mentor your team and provide dedicated resources to manage your community.

Your custom community building blocks


Video posts
Custom content types


Customisable account profiles
Private messaging


Open and private groups
People directories
Content sharing
Document libraries


Activity streams
Status updates
In-app notifications
Email notifications
Bulk/segmented messaging


User roles and permissions
Custom categories
Featured content
Content moderation

Suitable for a wide range of community use cases

Membership models

Professional or voluntary associations. Political parties. Clubs. Educational or corporate alumni communities.

Volunteering, fundraising and advocacy

Platforms that bring people together to collaborate and drive change. Where goals are promoted, members recruited and achievements celebrated.

Knowledge networks

Communities that showcase expertise and thought leadership; that promote education and help members become better at what they practice.

Start-ups and disruptive ventures

Pioneering initiatives with a community dimension. Companies with a unique vision for community engagement.

Consumer interest groups

Focused on a topic or experience of mutual interest. Where community members connect and share passionate views. Or provide practical advice and support.

Customer success / support

Resolving issues and sharing best practice in a self-service environment. Valuable customer-generated knowledge, easily accessed in a trusted online space.

Customer / product research

Customer portals that gather quantitative and qualitative research, co-develop ideas and communicate product roadmaps and new features.

Social intranets

Communities built for organizations to increase productivity, cultivate transparent communication and promote team collaboration.

About us

We're a tight-knit team of digital design experts. We combine creative thinking with proven tools that help organisations engage with their communities in more sophisticated and productive ways.

People work with us for our experience and expertise. And because, whether the project is big or small, we always bring dedication and a thoughtful open mind. We’re equally at home working with start-ups, mid-stage ventures, or large enterprises. Our remote globally distributed team supports clients worldwide.

"We've worked with the Verse team for over 10 years. Their strategic understanding, and design and engineering expertise, has been instrumental in our growth to over 30,000 members."

"The execution of our platform was flawless, despite several changes to our go-to-market strategy. We achieved something that simply wouldn't be possible with a standard platform solution."

"It's rare to find a business partner as capable as Verse. Their know-how and craftsmanship generated a step change in our brand reputation and market credibility."

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